We release specialty pub-only beers every week in both of our Chicago breweries and Columbus, our draft menu changes frequently.

Our online draft menus are updated often, please check the menu in the BREWPUB section of our site for the most up to date draft list for each of our three locations.

Core Beers

Peach Wit

Introducing our newest core botanical beer. 
There’s nothing like the juice-dripping lusciousness of a fresh peach, but it’s difficult to capture it’s fuzzy goodness.  Here, we augment real peach purée with some select botanicals:  rose, chamomile, jasmine, mahleb, orris root, sweet osmanthus, and sour orange.  

Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen

To this wheat beer we add strawberries and the cooling flavors of basil, then push it further into the fruity and spicy realm with a classic hefeweizen yeast strain. The result is creamy, fruity and thoughtfully quenching. ABV: 5%

Sparkling Rosé Ale

Grapes have been used occasionally in beer since almost the very beginning, so we thought: why wait for an occasion? This dry, crisp Belgian-style tripel is tinged with the luscious scent of Niagara grapes. ABV: 10%

Snoochie Boochies

This is our original double IPA with aromas of white fruit, pineapple, orangey citrus and just a touch of floral hop. Taste is full and very creamy, with a hint of light caramel and a blast of hop flavor. Its clean, modest bitterness is balanced against a touch of sweetness. Finish is clean, dry and creamy. ABV: 8%

Ohio High

Our Columbus brewery flagship beer celebrates our local agricultural partners in the beer-making business with this citrus-forward Pale Ale brewed with all Ohio grown malt, and Ohio grown hops.

Rotating Beers

Ghost Tropic

Ghost Tropic is a bright and lively Double IPA. Aromas lean to citrus and pineapple, plus a hint of bready malt. Palate is crisp with a little creaminess, with luscious white and tropical fruit notes. Finishes dry, crisp, and cleanly bitter. ABV: 8.2%

Radio Swan

Radio Swan is a 6.4% NEIPA brewed with rye malt, Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado hops, and a touch of lactose. It has dank aromatics with a touch of bright fruit. A creamy mouthfeel starts out sweet and juicy, and then rounds out to finish dry with an echo of rye complexity. 

Double Single

This S.M.A.S.H. beer or Single Malt and Single Hop pale Ale with heirloom Maris Otter malt and Michigan Jester hops is super bright. lightly hopped, and incredibly drinkable. ABV 6.2%

Purple Pils

Some of the most fascinating botanicals are florals, and many have been incorporated into beers for centuries. We've used quite a few ourselves, with exciting results—although they do require a deft hand. Our Purple Pils starts with a classic Bohemian Pilsner, then bends the aromatic character ever so slightly into territory you can't reach with hops alone. Florentine iris (orris) root adds a deep, fruity violet note, merging with the brighter chamomile "Juicyfruit" aromas. Jasmine adds a very subtle spicy and exotic note. Add the classic, "spicy"  Bohemian Saaz hops and the result is a unique, well-integrated combination.

Thyme Signature

Dry-Hopped Botanical Double India Pale Ale with Orange Peel & Thyme. Alc. by Vol. 8.2%.

Hazy deep gold. Orangey hop nose, subtle herbal character from thyme and Triumph hops. Luscious in mouth, medium body. Thyme does a nice job of linking hops and orange together, adding sophistication to the latter. Complex blend, nicely integrated

Shifty Fellow

Saison Ale with Toasted Buckwheat, Cucumber & Shiso. 7% Alc by Vol.

Pale straw color, light haze. Surprisingly complex herbal nose, a fat note of buckwheat underlying it. On the palate, slightly minty shiso and spicy phenolic saison notes. Finish is lightly bitter with smooth tannins bringing everything into balance. Unique, subtle, tasty. 

Photo Finish

American Pale Ale, Mash- & Dry-Hopped with Saaz & Estate Comet. 5.6% Alc by Vol.

Brilliant gold. Big, bold, almost an IPA nose, with a bit of old-school floral character, but fruitier. On the palate, some sweetish citrus/grapefruit, hints of light caramel, and a firmly tannic bittersweet finish. Kind of a classic American IPA, but updated with a cleaner, bolder aroma.

Money on my Rind

Juniper and grapefruit have become a legendary combination in pop culture, known for their ability to refresh and satisfy. So we take a witbier, spike it with juniper berries and the deliciousness of pure grapefruit, and add a peppery hint of grains of paradise. ABV 6.5%

Seasonal Beers

Summer Symphony

Fruited Golden Ale 6.2% ABV
This golden ale brewed with fresh watermelon, lemon, and lime juices is an incredibly refreshing summer beer.  Just enough tartness from the citrus to help the watermelon shine and leaves you wanting more

Hoodie Weather

Oak aged Vienna-style lager. ABV 5.5%

We’re always  sorry to see summer go, but we miss our flannels & diving into piles to leaves. To celebrate the change we give you this crispy, malty, bready, lager. Dry, with a kiss of caramel Sweetness.

Panda Party

Black Lager with Vanilla and Toasted Oak.  ABV 6.5%

This cold weather favorite has a has an amazing roasted barley backbone providing a great combo with the toasted marshmallow and Vanilla.  The toasted oak brings some slight tannins finishing with a slight hop bitterness.