December 5

Growlers: Glass or Metal?

Here at Forbidden Root, we’re lucky to have a state-of-the-art growler filler. Our automated machine is cool for a lot of reasons but mainly because it pushes out oxygen and replaces it with CO2, which means you get fresh, cold beer that--as long as it remains unopened--can last for weeks in your fridge.

We offer and fill both glass and metal growlers at the restaurant & brewery because both are great for transporting beer, but have unique advantages. Here’s the rundown:

Our 64oz and 32oz glass growlers are the traditional “jugs” with a simple screw cap. They’re affordable, easily recyclable, and also dishwasher safe. They’re also the “universal growler format,” meaning that your Forbidden Root growler might be fillable elsewhere.

Our 64oz and 32oz metal growlers are stainless steel, double-walled, and vacuum insulated. That’s the long way of saying they’re really great at keeping cold drinks cold and hot beverages hot. They’re durable and have a connected screw-cap (no runaway lids!). Invest in one and it’ll serve you for a long time to come.

Metal growlers are also pretty awesome gifts for the beer (or coffee) lover in your life. All December long we’re offering $10 off the 64oz size and $5 off the 32oz size with the purchase of a growler fill. A vessel you refill with beer? Sounds like the gift that keeps on giving.