May 3

Raising a Glass for Greg

Crystal Hero for a Hero

It’s not unusual to hear brewery co-workers refer to their peers as family. When you toil, sweat, defend, love, and pursue the same passion—not to mention spend the majority of your day together—it’s easy to see those around you as more than just colleagues. To see a community whose ties run as deep as blood.

This sense of family is a big part of what separates craft beer from other industries. A loss of a family member at another brewery sends waves of sadness and loss that can be felt throughout the community.

Recently our friends at Revolution Brewing lost Greg Underhill. Greg was their director of retail operations, and a dear family member. In honor of Greg and his family, we’re donating $2 to Greg’s wife, Kayleigh, from every glass of Revolution’s Crystal Hero and 1Z Enuff that we sell. Come help us celebrate Greg’s life by raising a glass (or 2 or 3!) in his honor.

And if you can’t make it in to the brewery, you can still contribute to the Greg Underhill Memorial Fund for Kayleigh.