IPA, Double IPA and Triple IPA

New England IPA Series

IPAs are evolving rapidly as enthusiasts are drawn to the complex fruitiness of modern hop varieties and shying away from piercing bitterness. The result is a new kind of IPA that originated in New England. It's a whole suite of characteristics including  high adjunct content for creamy texture, double dry-hopping for huge aroma, hop varieties with stonefruit and tropical notes and a often a touch of sweetness. The adjuncts and dry-hopping creates a long-lasting haze as a by-product.

The buzz started percolating a couple of years ago and we were curious. And while some of our first encounters weren't all that impressive, some of the better versions got us excited and we started re-learning everything we knew about IPA to brew our own version we liked as well or better than the original. One beer let to another and we started to get really excited. About that time, legendary Chicago artist and pub regular Tony Fitzpatrick offered up some of his fantastic art to use on beer labels. We jumped at the chance, and made them the main focus of the labels. Each of our New England IPAs has its own unique qualities, and we encourage you to try them all.