We release specialty pub-only beers every week in both Chicago and Columbus, and our draft menu changes frequently.

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Core Beers

“Drinkez Vous” Saison

Who doesn’t love a rustic, balanced farmhouse ale with its inviting peppery nose, satisfying creamy palate and dry finish? It’s no wonder that these shimmering straw-colored ales have fascinated drinkers for generations. ABV: 5.9%

Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen

To this wheat beer we add strawberries and the cooling flavors of basil, then push it further into the fruity and spicy realm with a classic hefeweizen yeast strain. The result is creamy, fruity and thoughtfully quenching. ABV: 5%

Sparkling Rosé Ale

Grapes have been used occasionally in beer since almost the very beginning, so we thought: why wait for an occasion? This dry, crisp Belgian-style tripel is tinged with the luscious scent of Niagara grapes. ABV: 10%

Snoochie Boochies

This is our original double IPA with aromas of white fruit, pineapple, orangey citrus and just a touch of floral hop. Taste is full and very creamy, with a hint of light caramel and a blast of hop flavor. Its clean, modest bitterness is balanced against a touch of sweetness. Finish is clean, dry and creamy. ABV: 8%

Small Talk

This is a highly sessionable hop-forward ale that doesn't sacrifice body, texture or hop aroma. We use a combination of Meridian and Moutere,* which brings a lot of elegant mango, apricot and bright citrus notes to the beer. At less than 5% alcohol, it manages to be drinkable without being thin or uninteresting. ABV: 4.8%

Rotating Beers

Ghost Tropic

Ghost Tropic is a bright and lively Double IPA. Aromas lean to citrus and pineapple, plus a hint of bready malt. Palate is crisp with a little creaminess, with luscious white and tropical fruit notes. Finishes dry, crisp, and cleanly bitter. ABV: 8.2%

Radio Swan

Radio Swan is a single IPA brewed with a high percentage of rye for a smooth and spicy favor. Aroma is deeply fruity, with stonefruit and a hint of tropical/pineapple. Super-creamy on the palate, with subtle bitterness balancing bright fruit. Finish is silky and lightly bitter. ABV: 6.7%

Night Moth

This IPA uses oak to add a delicate vanilla richness to hop notes of melon, pear and stonefruit. Texture is super-smooth with a hint of sweetness. Finish is long, complex and closes with a crisp touch of oaky tannin. ABV: 7.2%


Big bold flavors of hops come through in the nose, with a mix of mango, citrus and just a little bit of dank. Huge, creamy and slightly sweet in the mouth with plenty of bitterness for balance. Finish is long and bittersweet, with layers of fruity hops.  ABV: 10%

Seasonal Beers