May 31

Adventures in Pairing

A New Look for Forbidden Root Beer Dinners

Our beer dinner program began in March. Born from the desire to challenge ourselves creatively, we set out to push the boundaries of flavor and offer guests a totally unique food and beer pairing experience. After all, as Randy outlines in his book Tasting Beer, “"Like the great dance team of Fred and Ginger, beer and food are lively, supple partners that seem to have been made for each other."

Because we strive to update our beer menu often, Executive Chef Dan Weiland has the opportunity to craft totally unique dishes around brand new beers each month. Each beer works to contrast, complement, or cut the food on the table, flavors working in harmony or playfully against each other. Delighted by the success of these past few months, we have decided to take the experience one step further.


forbidden root beer pairing menu

Starting in June, we will offer 14 seats to experience our pairing menu in our private dining room. Guests will be led through the prix fixe menu by a rotating cast of flavor pioneers, like Chef Weiland, beer guru Randy Mosher, or in-house beer sommelier Phil Zelewsky, to name a few. A seat at the table offers the best way to enjoy food and beer: among family, friends, and community.

An unwavering pursuit of flavor is the root of our passion. From there, everything we do takes shape and evolves into the creations you can find in the brewpub. Our beer pairing dinner is no exception, and we hope you’ll embark on this journey with us. Tickets for our June dinner can be purchased here. For more information email