September 5

Introducing Executive Chef Dan Sherron

We are overjoyed to announce that our own Chef Daniel Sherron has taken on the role of Executive Chef at Forbidden Root. As Executive Sous Chef, Daniel has been an integral part of our restaurant and family at Forbidden Root and we are so excited to see, smell and taste what he has in store for us as our culinary leader. We are so grateful for the foundation that Dan Weiland laid for our restaurant program and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. 

Executive Chef Sherron already hard at work innovating new dishes for our menu. A few are detailed here, with a word from the Chef: 

herbed hangar steak heirloom tomatoes

Herbed Hangar Steak heirloom toatoes, charred scallion vin, blue cheese, house cracker
"For the summer I love the bright fresh taste of heirloom tomatoes with this herbaceous grilled hanger and the tangy blue cheese. The black pepper cracker adds just enough texture and spice to round out the dish."

grilled carrots pistachio hummus

Grilled Carrots pistachio hummus, coriander vinaigrette, mint
"I love the sweetness the charred carrots provide to this dish. I offset this with a tangy coriander vinaigrette and a subtle nutty pistachio hummus. The pea shoots provide a lemony vegetal quality while the smoked paprika fried pistachios offer a nice spicy crunch."

grilled shishito peppers

Shishito Peppers miso butter, everything spiced almonds
"I love the subtle spice of the shishito pepper. Combined with miso butter, lemon, and the crunch of the savory everything spiced almonds this umami bomb is set to be your beers' best pal."
forbidden root beer dinner

For a special opportunity to observe Chef Sherron's culinary prowess, join us for our September Beer Dinner. While Chef Sherron has executed a coursed beer dinner for us before, we're excited to see how his passion for collaboration with the brewery team influences his creations. Limited tickets are available for this event here.

In addition, Chef Sherron will be adding several special New England themed items to the dinner menu on Thursday September 13th, to be served alongside an assortment of fine New England-style IPAs. Walk-ins welcome, but reservations are encouraged. More information can be found on our Facebook page.

For more information on Chef Sherron's background, check out his bio.