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CHECKING IN One of the phrases we throw around the brewery to describe what we do is our “relentles


One of the phrases we throw around the brewery to describe what we do is our “relentless pursuit of flavor and experience”. More than just a phrase anymore, it’s our mantra and describes why we do what we do.

This mantra is meaningless, however, without you, our customers: you are the crucial link that closes the loop on creativity and experience. Without you, we exist in a silo. Without your discerning palates and diversity of perspective, your willingness and ability to become vulnerable to new flavors, aromas, sights and interactions – we are nothing. We remain open to innovate because you keep providing the fuel to drive the engine.

Outside of these four walls here on Chicago Ave, we have partnered with incredible friends that believe with us that creativity, quality, independence and flavor matter. Retailers like Binny’s, Hopcat, Howell’s and Hood, Winking Lizard, and Tap 42 to just name a few. Distributors like Windy City Distributing and Cavalier Distributing – telling our story, believing in us and sharing our passion with the masses. Like you, these wholesalers and retailers have supported us from the beginning. Through these partners we are excited to bring more of the Forbidden Root experience to you:


We utilize our brewpub as an innovation lab, trying new styles, new takes on old styles all the while listening to you and understanding what it is that appeals to you. Based on this critical feedback from our brewery and from a small batch sent to the world last year we are making Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen a year-round offering. Read more about Strawberry Basil Hefeweizen here.

Hay Fever is another new addition to our distribution portfolio – a very drinkable, dry hopped saison. Check out more here.

The final style in our core lineup remains our most popular in the market – WPA, Wildflower Pale Ale. We think this pale ale still tells a great story and remains one of our best sellers at the brewery.

We are grateful for your support and feedback in making these 3 beers our core lineup, available at bars, restaurants and liquor stores starting April 2nd. Oh, by the way – we are making one more change to our distribution styles:

We are so excited to announce that we are producing our styles for distribution in cans! A couple of no-brainer reasons (thanks Brewers Association):

New occasions: from the beach, to hiking, to golf courses, cans often are able to go places bottles can’t. As craft lovers demand beers from their favorite brewers in these occasions, brewers would be foolish not to take the opportunity to expand the places they are offered and the places beer lovers can take their beers.
Sustainability: cans are lighter than bottles, reduce CO2 emissions in shipping and are incredibly recyclable (did you know a recycled can could be back on the shelf in 60 days?).
Freshness: cans block light and are an effective barrier to oxygen, meaning the only thing limiting the freshness of the beer in the can is the time it takes to get from the brewer to a beer lovers mouth/glass.
Design: we have an incredible storyteller on our staff – Randy Mosher. His ability to tell stories by way of graphic and label design is legendary in the craft beer industry. Randy has done it again and has been able to capture, in design, what each of these beers means to us – flavor, ingredients, process. The canvas for aluminum cans is different than bottles and provides a unique medium to express our passions.

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