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Forbidden Root's single origina cacao series, Divine Mud, presents Heavy Petal™ - an Imperial Stout.
February 1

A New Series for Forbidden Root

Randy Mosher
Randy MosherAlchemist

Heavy Petal™, an Imperial Stout, is the first in Forbidden Root's new single origin cacao series.  It offers a deeply fruity cocoa nose with dark, roasty undertones.  The flavor is rich and just a little sweet at first, leading to dry bittersweet

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Heavy Petal

The Chicago Reader's Philip Montoro highlighted some great details of our latest beer, Heavy Petal.

"As unusual as Heavy Petal is on the nose, it's even less like a familiar, conventional imperial stout on the palate. It's densely roasty, sure, but it's got an unctuous nuttiness from the pecans and a long, deep dark-chocolate finish that's much more like bar chocolate than you get in most beers flavored with cacao (with the notable exception of Southern Tier's Choklat Stout). And it gets crazier: I also taste something faintly spicy (black pepper, cardamom, even a little chile tickle), herbal and floral notes (maybe Meyer lemon or bergamot), a resinous astringency like cedar or juniper leaves, and tannic bitterness reminiscent of walnut skin."

Read the full article: Forbidden Root launches its chocolate series with the imperial stout Heavy Petal